Dead by Daylight Sets Record with Over 60 Million Players

by Sarah Forst
Dead by Daylight 60M Players

Behaviour Interactive, the developer behind the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, has achieved a remarkable milestone, boasting over 60 million players. Since March 2022, the player count has surged by 10 million, underscoring the game’s enduring popularity and widespread appeal.

Growth and Reach:

Dead by Daylight, released on PC in 2016, rapidly gained popularity, drawing a devoted player community. It’s now accessible on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and mobile devices, broadening its player base. The game’s expansion to these platforms extended its reach and boosted its presence in the gaming community.

Listening to Players and Strategic Timing:

Behaviour Interactive credits Dead by Daylight’s success to its commitment to listening to player feedback and delivering the right game at the right time. The development team has shown a dedication to maintaining a strong relationship with its player community. This has allowed them to adapt the game to meet players’ expectations and desires, ensuring a continuous and engaging experience.

Monetization Approach:

Behaviour Interactive’s notable approach to monetization is characterized by generosity. They provide optional payment choices, allowing players to support the game as they prefer. This strategy fosters goodwill and loyalty among the player base. Moreover, it aligns with the developer’s commitment to player satisfaction.

Future Plans: The success of Dead by Daylight has paved the way for a bright future filled with exciting projects. Behaviour Interactive has shared plans for several upcoming additions to the Dead by Daylight universe. These include a new board game adaptation, spinoff games, and a highly anticipated Dead by Daylight movie. The developers have also revealed that they are working on an internally developed co-op experience within the Dead by Daylight universe. These initiatives aim to expand the game’s lore and narrative, providing players with new and captivating gameplay experiences.

With over 60 million players, Dead by Daylight stands out as a beloved horror game. The development team, prioritizing player feedback, is crucial to its success. Behaviour Interactive’s commitment to excellence and innovative monetization enhances the game’s enduring appeal. As the Dead by Daylight universe expands, fans can expect new adventures, enriching their horror gaming experience.

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