What Is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Utilize It

by Wajeeha Qureshi
What Is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Utilize It Image Name

Let’s get familiar with the latest feature of Discord: Discord’s streamer mode, which allows you to hide all your personal stuff as you flaunt your gaming abilities to your community members.

No matter how extrovert you are as a person, you will never like your private stuff unveiled during a broadcast session. Personal information is a broader term; so, what exactly do we mean when we say this? A personal message from a friend of yours, if visible to all, may get abused by some users.

A stranger might see the code to join your private Discord server, etc. Notifications from Discord client or any other personal account may pop-up in the middle of the stream. But the streamer mode hides your sensitive info on the fly.

Discord streamer mode

What is Discord streamer mode?

You might be wondering and interested to know what does streamer mode do in discord?. When you turn on live streaming on Discord and share the screen, you are not only sharing the gameplay but also the notifications, pop-ups, and even messages appearing on the screen.

For a streamer with a huge lot of followers, things may get messy if their personal stuff stays unprotected like this. And this is where the Discord streamer mode comes -blocking all such confidential and vulnerable stuff of yours.

It is the latest feature offered by Discord that protects your data by hiding your messages, notifications pop-ups, invite links, and even suppress the extra sounds. You can adjust the settings from the User Settings option and protect the stuff that may get aired otherwise. We’ve also written about Best Discord TTS Beatbox – an interesting read if you’d like to annoy your friends.

How Discord Streamer Mode Helps Creator?

I jotted down the stuff that the streamer mode can hide for you:

  • Your identity and private data: You can hide your identity by keeping your email address private using the streamer mode. Moreover, it lets you hide your YouTube, XBOX, or other accounts connected to your Discord.
  • Invite links: When you enable the mode, Discord hides the invite links that you have generated, or you receive during the live stream. If random people get access to the invite links, they might join your private Discord server by using the link.
  • Notification pop-ups: It blocks the notification pop-ups from your desktop, other apps, or Discord client itself. Such notifications show your private data to the viewers that may get abused.
  • Muting client sounds: Discord streamer mode suppresses all the unwanted sounds that can interrupt your intense gameplay and distract you. All notification alerts and the beep sounds when a person leaves or joins the broadcast are muted -both from your desktop and Discord client.

How to enable streamer mode?

The process is simple. Before you enable the streamer mode, you need to synchronize Discord with your streaming application.

Section-1: Sync Discord with the streaming application

Follow these steps to integrate Discord with your streaming software:

  1. Launch Discord and go to User Settings. Use the gear icon near your profile name to do this.

What Is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Utilize It Image Name

2. Open the Connections tab from the left panel.

What Is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Utilize It Image Name

3. Choose the streaming application you are using; this will integrate it with Discord.

Section-2: Enable streamer mode

After the integration is done, you need to enable the streamer mode on Discord. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to User settings.

discord streamer mode

2. Go to the Connections tab on the left menu.

What Is Streamer Mode on Discord? How to Utilize It2

3. Toggle the Enable Streamer Mode toggle button.

And with this you’ve got streamer mode enabled discord, you are all done! Cheers!

That’s pretty much all about streamer mode on Discord, if you’ve any question let me know that in the comments section below. You can also learn How to Change Game Status In Discord Messenger and I’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

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