Dodear Portal – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

With the growing entertainment industry, consumers look toward the easy and free sources to fulfill their need to watch TV shows and movies Dodear Portal.

Keeping this in mind, many pirate sites such as kickass, extra torrent, etc. were surfaced offering pirated content to the users.

These sites also offer games, software, and other content. Most of them are run by groups who choose to remain in the shadows because people want to distance themselves from piracy.

What’s Dodear Portal?

Such was an entertainment portal “Dodear” which provide online movies, TV shows, games, software, and other content and also provide torrent clients.

Although it provides pirated content by a Karachi-based ISP called Connect Communications and many other websites who use DoDear entertainment portal to provide their users easy and fast access.

The content was free to download to Connect Customers, and the ISP rather pompously shows DoDear as a worth added service on its homepage.

“Our Residential Broadband access gives you the ultimate high-speed Internet experience with download speeds up to 100Mbps. Download a full-length movie in under 10 minutes or take advantage of our DoDear services such as playing online games at Connect’s game arena or downloading movies and music.”

How did Dodear Portal Worked?

You get interactively ordered games, software, movies, shows and content from other categories. A filter choice which can quickly help you find what you want.

It was clear that Connect Communications are thru their work to make a full-fledged pirate site an excellent resource for their users.

Why Dodear Portal was Shutdown?

A country where many users tend to use such kind of sites it was not that much difference. The government of Pakistan had taken strict actions toward improving intellectual property rights, due to which USTR downgraded the intellectual property right threat in Pakistan.

“Pakistan has taken significant steps to improve IPR protection and enforcement including establishing specialized IPR courts, establishing a timeline to draft and implement amendments to IPR laws, improving border enforcement procedures, undertaking public awareness programs on IPR protection, and committing to regular action-oriented engagement with the U.S. government and stakeholders. As a result, Pakistan is upgraded from the priority watch list to the watch list with an OCR to monitor ongoing progress.”

Dodear Portal in News

Torrent Freak published news about the entertainment portal – DoDear which was justifiably tangled in the contribution of pirated stuff to their internet services customers.

After the acknowledgment of the portal using pirated content, the ISP appears to have removed the links to this portal completely.

As the offering of pirated content is unethical and punishable by law, the DoDear Portal has now been shut down due to the offering of web links to the users, of uTorrent and such.

Update 1/4/2019: According to latest research of our editors there many website appeared online since last year claiming to be dodear portal. However, we are not sure about if they are legitimate and updating only free to use stuff or sharing links that are inappropriate. We’ll dig in further into matter and let you know if there is any of such activity on these newly appeared web portals.

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