Dolby Atmos and 8TB SSD Support Coming to PlayStation 5

by Zeeshan Akram
ps5 dolby atmos

PlayStation 5 Software UpdateSony is set to release a major update for its PlayStation 5 with Dolby Atmos support, 8TB SSD storage expansion. This update will also provide various user interface improvements. Although the update will not be available to all consoles for several months. Only a select group of gamers have the opportunity to test it in beta starting from July 31.

Dolby Atmos Support for Immersive Audio Experience

The upcoming PS5 software update will introduce Dolby Atmos compatibility to Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Dolby Atmos is a widely popular 3D audio technology that is supported by TVs, audio receivers, soundbars, and more.


With the new update, users will be able to activate Atmos in the settings and enjoy an immersive audio experience, including the height channel, through their Atmos-enabled speakers.

This support will extend to PS5 games, as well as streaming apps that developers can update to include Atmos compatibility on the PlayStation platform.

Expanded Storage Options with 8TB SSDs

One of the most highly anticipated improvements in the update is the expanded support for storage options. Currently, the PS5 only supports up to 4TB of expanded storage via an M.2 SSD. Its worth mentioned 8TB is also part of Sony PlayStation 5 Pro – which is under development.


However, the upcoming update will double the storage capacity to 8TB. It is important to note that the SSDs used must meet the PS5’s minimum requirements of 5,500 MB/s and PCI-Express Gen4x4.

With the size of games continuously increasing, the added storage space will undoubtedly be a welcome addition for gamers. Many AAA games, such as the latest Call of Duty titles, now exceed 200GB in size, making the need for larger storage options crucial.

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UI Improvements and Enhanced User Experience

The PS5 software update will also bring several UI improvements, enhancing the overall user experience. Adding a new player to a closed group will become easier with the new software, and players will have the ability to send party invitations to the entire group instead of individual members.


Taking inspiration from Apple, Sony is introducing emoji reactions for chat messages. Additionally, users will have the option to disable the power on/off beep sound if it becomes bothersome.

Accessibility Enhancements for All Players

Sony has made notable accessibility changes in the upcoming update, catering to the needs of parents and individuals with motor disabilities. One of the significant additions is the option to add a second controller for a single player.

This feature allows someone to assist the player by taking control at any time or pressing specific buttons on their behalf. Sony believes that this feature can help players navigate challenging sections of a game with the help of a companion.

Beta Testing and Global Release

Currently, the beta testing phase is limited to invited players in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. These are same markets Sony used for its previous update testing.

Sony plans to release the software globally later this year. Gamers in the supported markets should keep an eye out for the beta upgrade.

News Source: PlayStation

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