Dolphin Emulator Steam Release Postponed After Nintendo’s DMCA

by Adeel Younas
After Nintendo's DMCA

The Dolphin emulator’s much-awaited debut on Steam has been indefinitely delayed, causing disappointment. This announcement comes as a result of Nintendo issuing a DMCA notice to Valve, citing infringement of their intellectual property rights. As a result, the Dolphin emulator’s Steam page has been removed, leaving eager fans in suspense.

Dolphin Emulator Removed from Valve

Dolphin team’s website update expressed regret for the unfortunate news they had to deliver. They confirmed that Nintendo’s DMCA notice forced Valve to remove Dolphin from the Steam platform until the matter resolves. The team is currently exploring their options and intends to provide a more comprehensive response in the near future.

Here is the statement from the development team:

“It is with much disappointment that we have to announce that the Dolphin on Steam release has been indefinitely postponed. We were notified by Valve that Nintendo has issued a DMCA against Dolphin’s Steam page, and have removed Dolphin from Steam until the matter is settled. We are currently investigating our options and will have a more in-depth response in the near future. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

While the Dolphin emulator itself is not illegal, Nintendo has historically been vigilant when it comes to the emulation scene. This recent action is not the first time Nintendo has taken measures against emulation projects.


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Dolphin on Steam stresses no games included, users must have original game copies to play. Steam release promised 4K display support, modern controller compatibility, netplay functionality, open-source accessibility, and free emulator download.

Dolphin emulator gains fame for mimicking Nintendo’s GameCube and Wii consoles on diverse platforms, earning a loyal fanbase. Its versatility and performance have made it a popular choice for players seeking to revisit classic games.

Gamers may enjoy the Dolphin emulator by getting it from the official website and owning original game copies to comply with legal requirements.

Source: Dolphin

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