Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping in Pakistan

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A recent survey has shown that around 12% of the sales are made online in Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that this percentage will increase in the coming years. No doubt, online shopping is a feasible way of purchasing your desired product. There are some online shopping stores such as Daraz, Shophive and Getnow due to which Pakistani customers have started to trust online shopping websites but wait! Still, there are drawbacks of online shopping in this country as well. In this article, we will talk about do’s and don’ts of online shopping in Pakistan.

Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Do – It is an excellent idea to purchase from home. You probably think why? Well, hackers can easily access public internet connections that mean it is safe to buy your favorite product from home. Avoid using an open internet connection to purchase any product.

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Don’t – This is not a positive approach to trust social networking sites deals. It would be great to order your desired product from a reliable source, instead of clicking on every social site offering appealing deals. Not all the social platforms are legitimate, so avoid ordering your product from fraudulent websites.

Do – Are you fond of online shopping? If yes, then make sure to download an Anti-Phishing Toolbar. This is the best way to recognize a fraudulent website. A number of these toolbars are free.

Don’t – Purchase your favorite online item smartly. Don’t use your email address to order a product. Always make a separate email address to deal with retailers. In this way, you can also keep yourself safe from hackers.

Do – Reliability matters. Therefore, make sure to do detailed research about the company or retailer, you are purchasing an item from. A recent study has shown that the majority of people prefer to buy their desired products by searching them on a search engine. Well, this is not a good idea because 2 of 3 results per search engine page are fake sites. Such fraudulent sites steal the information of the buyer and use it for the wrong purpose. Moreover, never buy any product from a website unless it has an SSL certificate.

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Don’t – Beware of scams. There are some sites that offer attractive deals, but they are not up to the mark. Moreover, scam social platforms probably ask for your credit card information. Avoid orders the items from such scam sites. Another element through which you can recognize about scam sites is that they will ask for transfer funds on the spot.

Do – Online shopping isn’t a bad idea, you just need to be careful. The best way to do online shopping is to purchase the item through credit cards. Avoid using debit card information while doing online shopping. In case, you are facing any payment issue, don’t forget to contact your bank for the safe side.

Don’t – Never wire money for payment. If you think the product will not up to mark and you will get a refund, then you are fooling yourself. There is no way of getting your money back if that specific site is fraudulent. Always pay by using a credit card, so you can have the option to dispute fraudulent charges.

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Do – If you are a serious online shopping lover then make sure to check credit card bills. It is a remarkable idea to check your credit card accounts on a daily basis. Moreover, don’t forget to keep a list of online receipts in a separate email folder for the record.

Don’t – Always provide the information that is required. Let suppose, a retailer is asking for your name, number, address and credit card number than it makes sense. But, providing your driver’s license number and banking routing number doesn’t make any sense. It any social site asks for such information, it is fake or fraudulent.

Do – If you want to make online shopping convenient, then use your tablet or smartphone for it. However, always prefer the app that requires less permission. Moreover, if your smartphone or tablet asks to remember the password, make sure to select NO. Online shopping is a fun, but safety measures are significant.

Don’t – Never become a victim of gift card scams. Let suppose; you have received an email that shows you can get your gift care and ask for your credit card or any other bank details, merely ignore that email. A legitimate site or online platform never request for such information.

Online shopping is an adventurous activity for most of the people nowadays, but always keep yourself on the safe side. Follow these simple but helpful tips and tricks to avoid scams and fraud.

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