Step by Step Guide to Download Twitch VOD Videos

How to Download Twitch VOD Videos

Twitch is a streaming online gaming platform made for gamers. The online streaming platform depends on the possibility of ​​streaming sessions as they occur. All Twitch streams are shared as VOD on the stage with the goal that clients and records can get to them regardless of whether the real streams are not associated with the Internet.

How to Download Twitch VOD Videos Easy and Step by Step Guide

Twitch is an excellent streaming platform that professional gamers use to use for their online streaming games and also help them interacting with their followers around the globe continuously. Twitch VODs terminate and naturally expelled from Twitch servers after a predetermined period, which fluctuates relying upon the sort of Twitch record claimed by the player. More consistently speaking, VODs that are for online streamers with ordinary files ends in 14 days, and those having a place with Twitch Partners terminate in 60 days while VODs of Twitch Affiliates terminates somewhere in the range of 14 and 60 days.

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Since VODs never again exist on Twitch servers after the termination time frame, numerous viewers need to download their most loved VODs to store them locally on their PCs and adjust or download them to other video feeds and facilitating administrations. Luckily, the audience can surely download motion pictures from their preferred feeds, and flags can download videos on interest from their money without an excessive amount of trouble. Even though the download strategies Twitch VOD differ incredibly relying upon whether you are only a viewer or proprietor of a VOD feed.

How to Download Your Own Twitch Videos

Here you need to download the VOD and have the VOD feed, downloading the VOD is a necessary and direct procedure that you can use through the official Twitch site with no outside assistance. Now, before you can download your VOD Twitch, you should guarantee that every one of your feeds consequently shared to your Twitch profile as a VOD, and at exactly that point will future communicated projects be changed over to VOD that you can download. Follow these steps first:

  • Go to Twitch and ensure you’re logged in.
  • Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and click on Settings.
  • Click on Channel & Videos link and then scroll down to the Channel Settings section. Check the box that says Store past broadcasts. All of your future broadcasts will now save to your profile after they finish

After finishing the above steps here what you need to do to download your twitch broadcast:

  • Visit Twitch’s site and make sure you are signed in.
  • Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and click Video to download own twitch video
  • Under each video’s thumbnail, there will be a link that says Download. Click on it to save the video to your computer.

Download VOD from Another Streamer’s Feed

Downloading videos from feeds of others isn’t that easy as downloading your own broadcasts. You cannot download videos from another person’s broadcasts, not legitimately from Twitch. Nonetheless, you can download any VOD on Twitch and its servers utilizing a program called Twitch Leecher. Twitch Leecher is a free application planned explicitly for Twitch’s VOD video download, which is by a wide margin the Twitch people group’s preferred contender for this position.

Twitch Leecher does not relate to Twitch, and the streaming process does not endure its utilization. The program has a simple to utilize graphical user interface. This structure supplements that of Twitch and incorporates a functioning group of engineers who tune in to remarks from clients who work there.

You need to use Twitch Leecher to download VODs from Twitch, here are 6 quick steps:

Step-1: Go here and download the most recent version of the Twitch leecher to begin downloading. Choose 32bit or 64bit software depending on your system’s specifications.

Step-2: Once downloading is complete install it like any other software/app you’d install.

Step-3: After installation is complete run Twitch Leecher

twitch leecher download vod

Step-4: Now all you need is a username of Twitch Streamer to download recent streamings in VOD format. Lookup for User Name, URL or ID of a broadcaster to search its streamings. In this example, I am downloading “Ninja” streaming videos.

How to Download Twitch VOD Videos

Step-5: Once you find the desired video streaming through search, simply click on the Download button to start downloading VOD video.

Step-6: Press the “Download” tab at the top beside “Search” to check your Downloading Progress.

how to download vod video from twitch

That’s it, after downloading, watch it on your computer and keep it as long as you want it.


Twitch is the best online streaming platform for worldwide gamers probably. That was the whole procedure of how to download Twitch VOD videos. We hope after reading these steps, you can now easily download VOD videos from Twitch. As nowadays, Twitch is on every gamer’s mind, and teenagers love to use that platform.


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