Dropbox lets users leave comments at specific times in videos



Today, Dropbox has introduced a new feature for its video editors community, who have collaborated with the company on clips.

The company has introduced a feature named as “Time-based comments“. This new exciting feature allows video editors to drop a comment at a specific time stamp on a video.

You can also mention a specific user using “@” symbol to get their attention or to engage maximum users in a video.

Moreover, the feature should also work with videos as well as audio and both media files should have more detailed previews than ever before.

The company says that you can also scrub through 1080p video files and get an instant thumbnail preview.

On the other side, the audio files are presented in a waveform when viewed on the Dropbox site.

Dropbox even proclaims that it now supports comments and previews “over30” audio and video file types, which means that you can easily work with a well-known file type.

The new feature is now available on the Dropbox website and as well as in the iOS app, but it is yet to be introduced in the Android app.

Any Dropbox user can leave these comments but only paid Dropbox users will have a choice to use this feature.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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