Dubai police force adds hoverbikes for emergency response

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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hoverbike of dubai police

Dubai is transforming into “Future City”, to get one step near to this initiative, they’re putting self-flying taxis in skies and facial recognition system at its airport. The Dubai police department is now adding another sci-fi transportation staple: the hoverbike.

The Dubai police has luxury patrol cars, self-driving pursuit drones, and robot officer, just announced it will have officers buzzing around on hoverbikes which looks like early version of speeder bikes used by scout troopers in Star Wars

Dubai Police Hoverbike

The force (see what I did there?) unveiled its new Hoversurf Scorpion craft at the Gitex Technology Week conference, according to UAE English language publication Gulf News. The police force will use the hoverbike for emergency response scenarios, giving officers the ability to zoom over congested traffic conditions by taking to the air.


The Russian-made craft is electric (fully) and can handle the load of up to 600 pounds and can be used for 25 minutes per charge with 43mph Speed. The Scorpion can fly autonomously for four miles for emergencies.

Check the video below

Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov announced on Facebook the company and the Dubai police have signed a memorandum of understanding that will allow Hoversurf to begin mass production of the Scorpion crafts in the Dubai area to serve the department.

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Dubai police force adds hoverbikes for emergency responseImage Name
Mubashar Ghuman October 16, 2017 - 4:03 pm

it should be in karachi, but electrical wires will create problem 🙂


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