EaseUS Data Recovery Software Free Edition Review [Windows]

by Farrukh Moin Alvi
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Once in a lifetime, we all have said this line “Alas! I just accidentally deleted all my data”. In this type of situation all, you are concerned about that data nothing else. Sometimes you are calm as you know that deleted data would be in recycle bin but there comes a situation when you permanently delete that data.

In this situation, you run towards some IT professional. But what if I tell you the secret that IT professionals use to recover data? Yes, it would be a great help for all of the people who are in this tough situation. Every IT professional use third party software to recover lost data.

One among the best and widely used software around the globe is EaseUS Data Recovery software. Whenever you will talk about most trusted and widely used lost files Recovery software, Data Recovery software by EaseUS will always stand in top 5 positions. It makes recovery simple for any user, whether you’re an IT manager or someone who has never used recovery software. The streamlined process is streamlined, allows you to retrieve lost data with just a few clicks.

Key Features:

Whether you have a PC or laptop, External Hard Drive or USB, SSD or memory card, Windows or MAC EaseUS is compatible for all of them. This software can recover more than 1000 types of file types. Most of them include pictures, documents, videos, audio, email, archives etc. EaseUS also provides recovery software for iPhones and Android devices.

Apart from that this software can be used in different loss situations like accidentally permanently deletion, formatted drive data loss, lost partition data loss, hard drive damage data loss, OS Crash data loss, RAW partition data loss etc. Data loss due to any type of virus attack can also be recovered with EaseUS. If your business uses a RAID system, this software can be used on those as well.

Interface and User Guide:

When you launch the application, the first screen lists the hard drives available for recovery, with one button to initiate the scan. Select your drive, hit the button and the process begins right away. If you got some urgent work and want to go out, you can export the scan results by clicking Export Scan Status. You can later import these saved scan results, by clicking Import Scan Status, to continue the data recovery process right where you left off. Two more flexible scan options are available. One is Quick Scan that searches uses a basic algorithm and is fast, another one is Deep Scan that scans sector by sector, hence more precise result.

easeus data recovery review

Once the scan is complete and files are recovered, there is preview button available that helps you view recovered files. Now here is your time to select the files that you want to recover and deselect those which you want to discard. Once you have selected all files look for “Recover” Button that is prominently displayed. Select the destination folder where you want to store the recovered files and sit back and let EaseUS do the rest. Data that has been deleted personally will be the “Recycle Bin” folder while files deleted through a virus or other malicious programs will be in a special folder of RAW files.

easeus data recovery review

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Edition: PROS

Prior to purchasing, you can download the trial version of Data Recovery Software. This will help you to determine that your data could be recovered and is this software worth for buying.

In the Trial version, you can only recover 2GB of data. With 30 days refund policy you can invest in it but this policy does not apply on the non-technical version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Edition: CONS

Choices are a bit more limited in EaseUS Data Recovery Software. For example, there is no option for full hard drive scan, target file or target folder scan is also not available. Target folder and target file scan could help in fast recovery. However, you can filter the scanned result with file tree or file type.

Recovery time depends upon your partition size and deleted data size. We tested both deep scans as well as a quick scan. Quick Scan result was fast and was not absolute as the scan checks for recently deleted items only (as per my thought). But Deep Scan results were more precise than quick scan it almost took 2 hours to deep scan a partition. And the results were the same as we expected. We couldn’t do full hard drive scan as it is one of its limitations.

Support and Services

Once the product has been launched its maintenance and customer support is the only thing that matters. I hope their team is working hard for the improvement of their product and recently updated to 12.8 which includes the following improved features:

  • Enhanced recovery for original file names and directory structure of lost data.
  • Optimized search function and added more filter options for more precise recovery.
  • Detect files faster with new scanning technology.
  • Improved preview support provides better file-type coverage

As far as customer support is concerned EaseUS might be the best data recovery software. Their support services include user readable manuals along with online supported articles with video tutorials that help new user about the details of the product and its usage. A live chat option is also available on their site but only in business hours. You will be directed to service administrative as soon as you leave them a message but only in business hours. If you want to contact other than business hours, you can leave them an email which will be responded in 2 hours. However, telephonic support is not available.

As a final thought, we will only say that there are still some limitations that could be outclassed and when outclassed this software will be unbeatable. But still, with these features, EaseUS Data Recovery Software is competing in the list of top data recovery software.

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