Easypaisa & KEENU Launch Easypay NFC Payments in Karachi

NFC Payment
NFC Payment

Easypaisa has joined hands with KEENU to expand its NFC deployment and enable customers to pay through Easypay NFC. The service will be available at Dolmen Mall and Ocean Mall in Karachi.

Easypay NFC is Pakistan’s first NFC Payments Service which enables instant and secure contactless payments. It is a convenient way for customers to pay at retail outlets by simply tapping an Easypay NFC sticker with the retailer’s Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, and the customer authorizing the transaction with their PIN on their mobile phone. With the PIN, Easypay NFC Payments thus becomes the most secure Payment mechanism in the country.

KEENU is a merchant payments network developed by industry professionals driven by Wemsol Private Limited. KEENU’s electronic payment services are designed to cater to the growing needs of merchants and individuals to safely carry out their payment activities. The point-of-sale devices that KEENU has been deploying at merchant locations across Pakistan enables merchants to process conventional credit/debit cards, as well as NFC-based contactless solutions like Easypay.

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Pleased at the collaboration, Nadeem Hussain, CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank said:

The most important step in this mobile payment transaction is the secure element which is tamper-proof and protected by a unique digital PIN. Even if you lose your NFC tag or mobile phone, your money is completely safe, unlike cards. Through Easypay, Easypaisa is enhancing customers’ experience of making payments in a secure and instant way. It is an innovative payment solution for the merchants too as it is cost effective, secure and adaptable.

Yahya Khan, Chief Financial Services Officer, Telenor Pakistan said:

With convenient, secure and instant payments in place, NFC in Pakistan is truly about to boom. It liberates the customer from the dependence on cash or cards and enables them to make payments through their mobile phones.

Syed Ejaz Hassan, CEO Wemsol Pvt. Ltd, while sharing his views said:

Acceptance of Easypaisa’s NFC instruments payments on the Keenu network will be a milestone in Pakistan’s retail payment space and will reshape the industry significantly. I would like to congratulate both the Easypaisa and Keenu teams who had been working tirelessly to make this possible.

This partnership between Easypaisa and KEENU is a unique partnership where both parties are bringing their key strengths together to provide value to Easypaisa Mobile Account customers and to merchants. Easypay NFC transactions are instant, incredibly fast, and convenient and secure for both customers and merchants.

Pakistan is finally warming up to digital payments and partnerships like the one between Easypaisa and KEENU will go a long way towards enabling digital payments acceptance across the country.