Emotion artificial intelligence: Huawei working on an emotional AI

n 2017, the sudden explosion of the smart speakers and AI assistants, still trend is in 2018. Siri and Google assistant dominated the play. Assistant look varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, each has their own idea like Samsung’s Bixby, LG’s Thin-Q, Amazon’s Alexa that handles the task in a robotic way.

Huawei, the World third largest company currently working on its own AI assistant which will interact users on an emotional level, according to the latest report.
Back in 2013, Huawei released voice assistant in China, that is used by 101 million people daily and hopes to enhance it.

Research firm Gartner said that emotion AI will be able to detect people’s mood and respond them in an appropriate way also mention that virtual assistant in automobiles will help drivers based on physical condition of a driver like: tired, stressed, angry or frustrated. In short Gartner, the statement explains the scope of this virtual assistant based in emotions.
In a recent interview the company’s vice president of software engineering, Felix Zhang said:

“We think that, in the future, all our end users wish [that] they can interact with the system in the emotional mode,” Zhang added. “This is the direction we see in the long run.”-Felix Zhang, vice president of software engineering, Huawei’s consumer business group

James Lu, director of AI product management at Huawei’s consumer business group, says that what his company has in mind is a virtual assistant who will stretch out conversations as long as possible so that the user does not feel alone. This requires giving an assistant a high IQ and high EQ (emotional quotient).

Huawei’s latest chipset, the Kirin 970 comes with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU- drives AI capabilities). Currently, SoC powers Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

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