Enter the vivo Visual Creator Short Film Contest for a Chance to Win Big!

by Farrukh Moin Alvi

Vivo, a leading smartphone brand, launched the vivo X80 in Pakistan, combining design, technology, and innovation. Vivo collaborated with Pakistani Director Hamza Lari on the X series. As part of “Stories.Redefined,” Hamza Lari directed “Imtehan,” shot entirely on vivo X80 to showcase its imaging capabilities. It aimed to let filmmakers and photographers test the phone’s image quality.

Considering the short film’s success, vivo has launched a global short film contest. Through this campaign, the brand encourages young directors, college students, and other new-age filmmakers to enter by making smartphone films.

This challenge aims to uncover cinematic talent. Pakistan hosts the competition until Oct. 24, 2022. Users must post their videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtag #vivoVisualCreator #OurStoryRedefined and tag an official vivo account (local or global).

Contestants must also email the video to [email protected] with their name, social media account/email address, county, and background remarks.

Vivo Imaging Expert Xianhui Zhao said, “The X80’s imaging technology is designed to help filmmakers bring their vision to life.” This contest encourages aspiring filmmakers and cinematographers to experiment and showcase their creative storytelling abilities. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for personal and professional growth. Each participant will have something unique to offer, and we look forward to reviewing all entries.”

Five global awards and seven regional awards will be given to contestants on November 11, 2022. The winners will receive a certificate, a vivo X80 series smartphone, professional reviews from the jury, a vivo official promotion, $3000 for each regional award, and $7000 for each global award.
Hamza Lari, a famous Pakistani director, said, “At the launch of vivo X80, I was surprised by the smartphone’s flawless and powerful hardware. I shot ‘Imtehan’ entirely on the X80 because of its great features. The smartphone has redefined photography and videography to capture stories in a unique way. Working with vivo, I learned that anyone who wants to express themselves or tell a story has the equipment they need. Participants can see the world through their passion. I encourage emerging filmmakers to use smartphones to create unique films. It will help them gain new perspectives, which will advance filmmaking and bring novel storytelling ideas to light.

The film is shot beautifully using pan, dolly, tilt, and zoom. It shows everyday life and students’ exam preparations. The X80’s imaging capabilities captured the film’s nuanced and unconventional plot, to critical acclaim.

Vivo smartphones have always been recognized for their camera and versatility, but the partnership with ZEISS Professional Imaging ensures that users experience professional photography at its best.

Professional imaging is possible with vivo’s X80’s 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor Camera, 12MP Portrait Camera, and 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. With ZEISS as a partner, ZEISS Professional Imaging enhances the camera system beyond expectations.

Sport Mode’s camera panning further enhanced X80’s dynamic capabilities. Portrait tracking reduces motion blur from shaky hands. Active Centering OIS and 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization maximize each frame’s stabilization range for high video quality.

The ZEISS T* Coating on the back cameras lets more light in and cuts down on flare and ghosting at night. Vivo thinks that cutting-edge photography and filmmaking are important and will keep making better technology available.

This contest promotes smartphone photography and videography in India. As a camera-focused brand, vivo is the best choice to launch the X80. Using the X80, an average user can become a professional photographer and videographer.

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