Geely launches two new EV models with Huawei’s HarmonyOS


Both the M6 and the G6 are midsize sport utility vehicles, but the G6 is an electric sedan. Geely’s Geometry brand, which produces only electric vehicles, has just released both of these models. The digital cockpit and HarmonyOS’s full set of features and services are the result of Geely and Huawei working together for the first time.

HarmonyOS was designed to seamlessly integrate with mobile phones without disrupting the user’s experience. The software improves the connection between the phone and the car, turning the latter into an extension of the former.

For instance, the navigation system may seem like it should be standard, but no other automaker comes close to matching it. Once the driver enters their vehicle after pre-planning their route at home, the satellite navigation system will begin guiding them along the pre-set course. In other words, nothing else is required to have a pleasant experience.

The regular Geometry G6 sedan has a 53 kWh battery, while the long-range model has a 70 kWh battery. The CLTC range of the larger battery-equipped vehicle is 620 kilometers, while that of the smaller pack vehicle is 480 kilometers on the same testing cycle.

The length of the electric sedan is 4.75 meters, and the price for the base model begins at $20,600 at the current exchange rate. All applicable local taxes and government rebates have been figured into this price. The base price for the extended-range variant is $23,430.

The M6 SUV is 4.43 meters in length and offers the same battery options as the other models: 53 kWh for the base model and 70 kWh for the long-range version. CLTC claims those distances to be 450 and 580 kilometers.

Both the standard and extended-range versions can be had for just over $20,000, with the latter going for $23,430; again, all of these are eligible for the maximum tax rebate. You won’t find better deals elsewhere. The streamlined nature of this policy makes option selection simpler for the consumer. The customer can get the same price for either an SUV or a sedan, provided that they both have the same trim level.

BMW’s G6 and M6 models share the same powertrains and performance specs. However, this is not the only way in which the two models are comparable. Both cars are equipped with an electric motor that can generate up to 150 kW (201 hp) of power and 310 Nm of torque. Both cars can reach 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and can reach their top speed of 150 km/h in the same amount of time.

Up to this point in 2018, Geometry has sold 116,822 vehicles; in the month of October alone, the company delivered 12,570 electric cars to the customers it serves. Its other four models—a compact crossover, a midsize sedan, and a sport utility vehicle—are already available to consumers.


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