Porsche hits the big time: goes public with an initial value of over $72 billion


Volkswagen executives have been considering placing Porsche on the stock market for some time to enhance the amount of funds available for EV research and development. After all, switching from gasoline to electric vehicles is an expensive endeavor. Because Volkswagen will retain a substantial number of Porsche shares following the acquisition, it is also a tactic to improve Volkswagen’s value.

Porsche has gone public with an initial valuation of more than $72 billion.

The company’s initial valuation is $72.45 billion, making it the second-largest IPO in Germany after Deutsche Telekom in 1996. It is also significantly larger than Ferrari’s market worth of $81.2 billion and nearly equal to VW’s market cap.

When trading began, the price of one share was established at €84, but it rapidly decreased to €82.88. On the same trading day, the value of VW shares fell by 4.9%.

Despite this, Volkswagen has a positive outlook because the company believes that Porsche stocks are a safe shelter for investors attempting to weather today’s volatile market conditions. The company will sell 113,875,000 shares to investors during the initial public offering. These shares do not have voting rights associated with them.


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