Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Electric Semi Truck

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Tesla Semi

The Tesla has released its new Semi Truck at a launch event in Hawthorne, California on Last Thursday. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla himself presented the Semi Truck. The Semi can accelerate from zero to sixty in five seconds while carrying hual 80,000 pounds. It is not like other trucks; the Semi has a sitting design where the driver sits in the center of the vehicle. There are two touchscreens, besides steering wheel. It will be a semi-autonomous electric truck, capable of keeping in the lane and pushing the break when needed.

Tesla’s Electic Semi Truck

The Semi truck has the latest addition to Musk’s vision of the all-electric world, where clean energy will be powering the cars and trucks and also homes. This truck will have 500 miles of range on a single charge. When it charged with Tesla’s fast chargers for 30 minutes, it will provide a 400-mile range. The Tesla Semi is made on truck’s framework with Tesla’s Model 3 components. The company is planning to build 500,000 trucks per year starting from 2019.

As Musk says, on a 100-mile route, the Tesla Semi will average $1.26 per mile while costs of operating a diesel truck at same distance are $1.51.

Tesla Semi

What’s special in this electric truck?

It is a semi truck with a battery; main features include it is automatic and has no gasoline engine or transmission, so theoretically it will need less maintenance than a normal truck. “I can drive this thing, and I have no idea how to drive a truck,” said Musk.

You may have read it earlier that its designed on Model 3 and there will be two Model 3 engines driving the rear axle. It has Model 3 style press-in handles on doors and two Model 3 screens in the cabinet, so the Tesla’s car and trucks are quite similar. “We designed the Tesla truck to be more like a bullet,” Musk said, comparing the vehicle to typical semi trucks

How luxurious is the cabinet of the truck?

The Tesla has a special focus on the design of its vehicles, the interior of the truck is stylish and luxurious. It has full standing room, and driver’s seat is placed in the center, to provide better visibility to drivers. There are two screens on both sides of steering.

Musk recently said to Rolling Stone that some of its truck’s luxury feature might hurt sales. “Probably no one will buy it because of this,” he joked, referencing what the magazine called “a driver-comfort feature.”

“But if you’re going to make a product, make it beautiful. Even if it doesn’t affect sales, I want it to be beautiful,” he added.

But the interior is not just all about driver’s comfort – the truck will have built-in real-time to track feature to be used by the fleet manager for routing, scheduling, and monitoring.

Does Tesla Semi have autopilot mode?

The Tesla Semi is not a fully autonomous truck but it will have Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot System which include lane detection, lane departure warning, and emergency braking.

This truck has few automated safety feature as well. Exterior cameras help to cut down blind spots and aid with object detection. It also has sensors which detect instability and adjust each wheel individually to prevent jackknifing.

‘Thermonuclear explosion-proof glass.’

Musk also talk about truck’s durability and reliability and guaranteed that Semi Truck will not break down for million miles. “The truck will actually anticipate when it needs maintenance and inform you ahead of time,” said Musk, after touting the durability of the “armor glass” windshield.

Is the Tesla Supercharger network going to expand?

Musk boasts that its semi has 400 miles of range after 30 min of charging. The Semi can last for 400 miles after 30 mins of charging. “By the time you are done with your break, the truck is ready to go. You will not be waiting for your truck to charge,” he said.

The main question on this launch event is how the entire fleet of electric trucks would charge. Tesla has over 2,000 Supercharger station that is capable of charging Model S in less than an hour. However, it is not clear yet if the network could support the addition of hundreds of thousands of trucks.


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