Facebook and Instagram are down for majority of users around the globe

While you can open the apps, they’re missing major functions

Facebook Down

Facebook and Instagram appear to be partially down for some users around the world today. While you can open both platforms, it looks like you can’t send or receive messages on either platform, and you can’t post new content either.

The outage comes after Gmail and Google Drive crash

WhatsApp appeared to be fine for many people, but users in Pakistan, Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, and more note that they are experiencing issues with sending messages. DownDetector indicates that those in Brazil were experiencing the most severe outages.

techwafer instagram down
screenshot taken on 00:39 – 3/13/2019 GMT +5

We tested multiple accounts at TechWafer, and found that Messenger couldn’t load at all on a desktop, although the mobile app was working with few features not working. Instagram was worse nothing was working; posting, direct messages and stories all were down. Facebook is still down at the time of writing this article.

facebook down overall

About an hour after users noted the outage, Facebook responded on Twitter:

According to DownDetector, it looks like the outages are mainly in New England; Texas; Seattle, Washington; parts of Latin America, including Peru; the UK; India; and the Philippines. Users have written in from Canada, Las Vegas, and Turkey to note outages there as well. We’ve reached out to Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


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