Facebook, Google and others add trust icons to tackle fake news

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on
fake news

Almost over 75 major news outlets have planned to try Trust Indicators that will be placed on their contents for countering fake news.

Apparently, Facebook, Google, Twitter along with Bing will now provide indicators for fulfilling the agreement with  The Trust Project, which is working to promote authentic fact-based journalism.

Trust Indicators will be placed next to news articles and will be capable of providing information about the source of the story, providing best practice of outlets, the author’s expertise and providing citations and references where necessary.

And, Google is now working to figure out the best way of displaying Trust Indicators, however, Facebook is introducing them today, so that the company will be able to provide more contextual information to stories on its platform.

According to the company, it is going to have a small group of publishers for the initial phase and will expand it on a wider area.

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