Facebook Just Got A New Design


The social media giant, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaims that the company is in the process of redesigning its both smartphone and web as well.

It is reported that Facebook is going to redesign its applications for the fifth time. Therefore the social media giant named it as FB5. This version will be faster, will have a cleaner look, dark mode as well as a new modified logo.

According to the CEO, the social media giant is deemed to close up the gap between communities. Therefore, it is focusing on Facebook groups in both mobile and desktop app.

Moreover, the company will not make changes in the existing new feed but communities will get more space as compared to the news feed. And, the company will highlight stories and they will be at top of the news feed.


Actually, Facebook will modify the desktop app and redesign it like its mobile app. The desktop app will contain icons at the top for Facebook Watch, Marketplace, notifications and much more.

Traditionally, notifications appear in a floating window but in a new redesign, notifications will appear in a slide.

Therefore the app will have some cleaner look. From now on, Facebook will have a high ration of white color as compared to the blue one.

The main menu bar will be changed to white from blue color. There will be a dark mode as well.

Facebook Watch interface will be located at the bottom and the profile page will get an entirely new look.

The use of blue color is also decreased, it will only be present in the logo and top bar only. But, most of the part is turned white now.

For now, both Android and iOS users in the USA and Canada will be able to get a new redesign. In the near Future, this major redesign update will be released in the remaining countries.

Later on, the web version of Facebook will be released. Therefore, after a few months, all users will be enjoying the same interface.


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