Facebook Just Rolled Out Its Fake News Tool

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It is very difficult to find the real and actual stories on Facebook because some of the fake news and biased websites makes it hard to differentiate between the real and fake stories.

Therefore, for eliminating the fake news, Facebook has tried to help 1.86 billion users to come out of confusion state, for this purpose the company has added “disputed news” flag the stories which have been exposed by third party group.

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This feature was announced in December 2016 and now the company is going to roll it out globally. However, the disputed news flag was introduced in the last month and containing the tools which permit users to mark the stories which they think are disputed.

As the users will mark out the stories, a team of the Facebook researchers will then perform their actions and investigate about the stories which are being marked as disputed and then select the stories to send them fact-checking organizations including Snopes, Politifact, and Factcheck.org.

If the story is found to be disputed then the story will still remain on Facebook but it will be marked as flagged and contains a link which briefs about disputed story and explains why

However, the users will also be able to share the stories and while sharing the stories you will be notified and the stories will be displayed lower in News Feed.

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