Facebook Messenger announce the launch a Split Payments Feature for Users to Share Expenses Quickly

by Ijlala Maqbool

Meta has announced a new Split Payments features in Facebook Messenger. As the name suggests, this feature will let you calculate and split expenses with others right from Facebook Messenger. This feature essentially looks to bring a more straightforward method to share the cost of bills and fees — for example, splitting a dinner bill with friends. Using this new Split Payment feature, Facebook Messenger users will be able to divide bills evenly or modify the contribution for each individual, including their own.
The company took to its blog post to announce the new Split Payment feature in Facebook Messenger. 9to5Mac reports that this new bill splitting feature is still in beta and will be exclusive to US users at first. The rollout will begin early next week. As mentioned, it will help users share the cost of bills, expenses, and payments. This feature is handy for sharing an apartment and splitting the monthly rent and other costs with their mates. It could also come in handy at a group dinner with many people.

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