Facebook Messenger getting a desktop app

Messenger desktop app

You all may know messaging app, obviously, Messenger. In its annual F8 developer conference, Facebook announced that it will introduce some new changes in its platform.

Most importantly, Facebook is planning to make another version of the Messenger mobile app. The company named this new version as “Project LightSpeed”.

However, the app will load even faster might be just under 2 seconds and will consume 30MC of your storage.

Project LightSpeed is quite different from the Messenger Lite, which is specially designed for low-end smartphones.

Basically, Project LightSpeed will have similar functionality like that of Messenger app. But, it will contain “an entirely new code base.”

There is no clue about the release date of Project LightSpeed. But the company says it will be released in the near future.

Moreover, the social media giant proclaims that it will be developing new desktop versions for both Windows and macOS users.

Similarly, you will have access to all exciting features including messages, video chat, and more in the desktop app.

It is clear that the company has been planning to diversify its Messenger app to more users. It is to be noted that the company will introduce “Watch Together” feature.

Through this feature, users will be able to join a virtual room and can watch videos with their friends together.

Additionally, the social media giant has provided screenshots of the upcoming feature. Through which you can see videos, pictures and more posts from your friends.

Most importantly, Facebook is working to give a new design to its Messenger app. The new Messenger app will have end-to-end encryption feature.

However, we do not have any information about its release date, but, the company proclaims that it will be here in a short time span.


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