Facebook reportedly sold user data to businesses in secret deals

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Back in 2015, Facebook claimed that it has denied developers from accessing its user data, today it seems that Facebook failed to do this.

According to Wall Street Journal, they came to know that the social media giant has given permission to some third party company to use its system.

According to reports, these deals are known as “whitelists”, which allows certain third party companies to see the user’s friend lists along with user’s phone number along with a metric that has an ability to measures closeness of a particular user.

According to an unknown source, RBC Capital Markets and Nissan Motors lists in those third-party companies that have access to users data.

But, Facebook still claims that it has given restricted access to these third-party companies just for improving user experience as well as testing new features and finishing up ingoing feature tests.

The social media giant also claims that it has shared information of users’ friends after 2015 cut off irrespective to its previous denials.

Director of Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Bureau and currently a professor at Georgetown Law, David Vladeck has pointed out that such deals disrupt the company’s 2012 deal with the FTC.

According to which, Facebook will require a regulatory permission for sharing information of a type that user has made public.

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