With the passage of time, Facebook has been introducing new features, Apparently, Facebook has changed the method of presenting videos on its user’s news feed and this method looks supportive for longer clips.

Facebook writes in the blog post that the percentage of the videos which you watch helps Facebook’s algorithm to identify what type of videos you watch. In the blog post, the social network writes:

“If you watch most or all of a video, that tells us that you found the video to be compelling — and we know that completing a longer video is a bigger commitment than completing a shorter one,”

According to the report from the unknown source, the company will continue to count out the no of views till the last sec of the video.


The social network has decided to rank videos on the basis of percent completion, so it means that earlier than this users watch small videos and now they have to watch longer videos.

Therefore, if you have a facebook page then longer videos might help in the promotion of your page more quickly while shorter videos will not be that much effective.

Facebook will be putting ads in the longer videos. The ads’ maximum length may be 20-30 sec in a video which enforces publishers to make longer videos and earn money.