Facebook’s latest acquisition is all about fighting video piracy

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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It is expected that Facebook might be unveiling modern tools for assisting video creators, but a pressing problem still exists.The groups of people have been sharing or copying the content of other people.

In order to resolve this problem, Facebook has acquired Source3, a startup that will operate for turning its IP-tracking powers to cover up people, who are involved in illegally sharing contents of other people across Facebook.

The social network has started to clamp down on illegal video back in August 2015 when social giant created Rights Manager, a tool which is used to automatically match media for a content which is shared without the permission or identification from the original owner, who has the right to request it to be taken down.


In April, Facebook then took a decision by giving the option to content producers to keep offending posts up, but they can claim their ad revenue. It is expected that Source3 will help Facebook in picking out and tracking erroneous content.



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