Final Fantasy XVI’s PS5 Demo is Here: Play the First Two Hours

by Adeel Younas
Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Demo

Square Enix has exciting news for Final Fantasy fans eagerly awaiting the June 22 release of Final Fantasy XVI. The game developer has released a PlayStation 5 demo Final Fantasy 16. This will allow players to experience the dark, Game of Thrones-influenced sequel firsthand.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo for PS5

The demo will be available worldwide on June 12, starting at 4:00 a.m. ET in the United States. It will offer players a glimpse into the beginning of the game, with over two hours of gameplay. Players will begin in the prologue of Final Fantasy XVI, following the journey of protagonist Clive Rosfield in his younger years. Best of all, progress made in the demo will carry over to the main game. It will allow for a seamless continuation of the adventure in the war-torn world of Valisthea.

Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Demo

During a Final Fantasy XVI celebration event, Producer Naoki Yoshida made the announcement and provided additional details. Second battle demo will unlock once players complete the first. The prologue, filled with captivating cutscenes, will showcase Clive’s growth as a character. The battle demo, on the other hand, will demonstrate the game’s new real-time combat system. However players have acquired significant powers and skills. Yoshida assured fans that while the prologue will take place in a dark fortress, the rest of the game will feature brighter environments.

Final Fantasy XVI promises to be one of the most mature entries in the popular RPG franchise. Its narrative deals with adult themes and tones, to the point that the inclusion of the beloved Moogles was almost omitted. However, players can look forward to controlling powerful summons such as Ifrit and Phoenix in epic Eikon battles, adding an exciting new dimension to the gameplay.

The PlayStation 5 demo of Final Fantasy XVI offers a taste of the upcoming adventure. Its inviting players to immerse themselves in a world of darkness and intrigue. With progress carried over to the main game, fans will be able to seamlessly transition between the two.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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