How to Find Someone on Discord without Number

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Find Someone on Discord without Number

“Discord is your place to talk.” Discord is known for its high productivity in communication and dissemination. Discord is for anyone if you want to talk with your friends and communities. I am going to guide you about the most tremendous and impressive point of how to find someone on Discord without a number. As you know Discord is a splendid gaming chat application that is developed and designed for gamers.

Discord accommodates audio, images, and text. Now we will discuss how you would add someone on Discord without even knowing the tag number?

Alright, there are some options available that may help you out to find some of your friends if you do not know their tag number.

You can also use these options in discord chat:

  1. blocking
  2. unblocking
  3. clearing chats quickly

When you find someone for whom you are searching. The simple thing you have to do is to send them a friend request and add them to your list of friends on Discord. By using Discord you can send Direct Messages (DM) to anyone who is not in your friend or an unknown on Discord.

How to add someone to Discord?

The typical method to add any of your friends to Discord by using their tag number. The identity of every user on Discord is relying on the four-digit Discord Tag number and, of course, their user name. If you do not know about anyone’s four-digit tag number, you cannot add them to your friend’s list on Discord. It is a little time-consuming to find the Discord tag number As we find the answer on how to find someone on Discord without a number, let’s know how it works!

How to Find Someone on Discord without Number

  1. First, Open your friend’s list on Discord by clicking on the Friends option on the left side of your Discord screen.
  2. A list is opened where you see your friends.
  3. There are also options of online, pending, and blocked and added a friend.
  4. Pop on Add friend and You add the Discord tag number of the person.

How to find someone on Discord without a number?

Alright, there is always a standard of adding someone to Discord. You can get the Discord tag number through a host. But, what will you do if you don’t have any idea about the Discord tag number?

Preferably, Discord does not allow you to do that without giving a tag number.

You have to follow these steps.

  • You need to find the profile of the user whom you want to add to your Discord.  You can do that if you have come up with the person in any chat conversation.
  • Just pop on the profile picture of the user.
  • You will find the profile details of the user with having the Discord tag number and roles as shown in the picture below.

How to Find Someone on Discord without Number

Now you know about the Discord tag number of the user whom you want to connect on Discord. When you right-click on the user’s profile, it will take you into a  page that shows a box named to send a friend request.

How to Find Someone on Discord without Number

The above-mentioned hacks are the best options for finding someone on Discord without a number to help you out meet up with one another.

Getting started with Discord

if you want to get started with Discord just. Download Discord on your personal computers, Mac, or mobile phone. Creating a discord account is very simple and manageable. just give an email and a user name and get started.

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