How to Find Time Wasted On Destiny and Destiny 2

by Zeeshan Akram
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Are you worried about tracking the amount of time wasted on destiny? Do you want to know about the time you spent playing Destiny? Then, here we will provide you information on the estimated time you wasted while playing Destiny and Destiny 2.

I will be mentioning a tool and guide that will help you to calculate the total time spent. All you need to do is enter your player name, and the site will provide total time in hours and minutes.

Time Wasted On Destiny:

Destiny is one of the best video games that have attracted a lot of people. It’s a kind of video game that catches your interest and lets you play this game for a longer time.  In other words, it has everything that catches your attention.

The game allows you to kill Vex, Fallen, and Taken for several hours in a day. You might be spending more time killing Oryx or Crota. You might be interested in shooting more enemies or so.

How to Calculate Wasted time on Destiny: is the only website that allows you to track the time wasted on destiny. Later in this article, I will be providing a list of players who have spent thousands of hours playing this fantastic game.

The website is also known for providing Destiny 2, where you can track players, check your rank, progression, and a lot more. Moreover, the website lists your Destiny 2 profile and tells you what gears you are using.

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Most amazingly, one of the top players has spent nearly 9000 hours playing this game. Before going into the leaderboard, let us find out some amazing stats about the website.

According to numbers on the website, the site has tracked more than 19 million players around the world so far. Besides this, the average number of crucible players reached nearly 680k while the PvE players reach 870k.

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It does not end here; the website has gone further and tracked the total number of online PC players. According to stats from the website, the total number of online PC players are somewhere near 61k.

Wasted on destiny website provides an extensive database that allows you to look at the best weapons suggested by several players. Let’s have a look at the best players of Destiny:

Destiny Leaderboard with Most Played Time and Games:

The Destiny leaderboard contains top players who spend years plating Destiny. The leaderboard mentioning player rank, game id, player games, and time wasted on destiny.

Current Top Players who Wasted Most Time on Destiny:

Number Name Hours
1 G-Money876 14833h 5m
2 Policemam 14242h 31m
3 PznGlitcherZ537 12026h 10m
4 sawjack-1 10216h 21m
5 Pardey2 10006h 30m
6 D-2DC97 9985h 48m
7 king_JESTER616 9403h 37m
8 Ryo-T0107 9402h 58m
9 IgeeTheMighty01 9344h 19m
10 BVMXF2PKLX 9060h 44m

Previous Top Players who Wasted Most Time on Destiny:

Rank Gamer Total Play Time Games
1 thomas-kozumi 10164h 41m 31248
2 policeman 728d 16h 58m 38172
3 big_meanie 605d 18h 24m 2504
4 kiko_80 605d 12h 40m 23788
5 G-Money876 601d 20h 35m 1678
6 Axanars 582d 21h 30m 377
7 mon5165 581d 11h 14m 2241
8 ByYourDoors 530d 13h 40m 5545
9 VigorosoToast21 522d 22h 25m 8521
10 Motorbreath6660 515d 20h 13m 29432
11 SolastGlitch 508d 3h 52m 19990
12 PureChilly 507d 10h 5m 39835
13 Wanshot 506d 13h 36m 8215
14 Toxic puppies22 506d 8h 10m 9900
15 k-knakayoshi 504d 11h 58m 4830
16 GUNSABLAZ1NG 504d 6h 41m 12448
17 xxsepherxx 500d 15h 14m 2316
18 MarvinKuan 500d 11h 50m 10743
19 JOEYGoldFinger 497d 3h 24m 15575
20 Wizzard818 486d 22h 12m 1104
21 nadja001 486d 6h 33m 12460
22 Polam73 484d 19h 49m 11185
23 Hugh Jaz Cabals 478d 4h 37m 25199
24 shadocobalt 477d 1h 56m 887
25 a0313972877297 476d 3h 1m 4895
26 charity-kills 475d 19h 40m 12152
27 Hellvetica-v 473d 17h 44m 23999
28 wonseobshin 472d 16h 39m 36437
29 Willfulcaesar85 471d 5h 58m 14498
30 dakillamon0077 469d 58m 3079


I hope this list and guide to calculating the time wasted on Destiny are useful for you. I am not against gaming but you should utilize your time in productive ideas and stuff.

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Sha Gi August 27, 2020 - 2:46 am

Your list doesn’t match the screenshot. G-Money876 has more time active time played in Destiny and Destiny 2 than anyone else. Sitting in orbit, tower, loading screens do not matter and do not count. That’s why wastedondestiny is the only accurate place to get time played.


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