Firefox will soon protect you against crypto-mining scripts



Due to an increased number of high profile data breaches, Firefox has made up its mind to protect its customers.

Therefore, for this purpose, Firefox is going to launch new anti-tracking tools to prevent crypto-mining and fingerprint.

Mozilla is collaborating with Disconnect, a software company which provides no tracking software and it has also provided ad tracker blocklist Firefox already utilized for tracking protections, for developing new tools.

Both of blocking methods have been available to Firefox Nightly 68 and Beta 67 testers. In a future release, the company is determined to enable these methods by default.

These methods help users who are unaware of crypto-mining. Illicit crypto-mining scans your machine for possible bad actors who can mine cryptocurrency from your machine.

During this process, your CPU activity is cranked up and power is drained. Usually, it can be accomplished through backend scripts running on the websites.

The latest Firefox update will have the ability to block all cryptocurrency scripts being listed in Disconnect’s database.

Fingerprint works in the same manner, a data-driven identifier will be integrated into your browser settings information, this feature is already available to numerous websites for optimization purposes.

The data including, screen resolution, location, operating system, and language settings, will be used to identify you and your activity over the internet “even if you clear your cookies,”

As of now, these testers will allow the anti-tracking methods through “preferences” in the main menu of Firefox. In the upcoming update, these testers will be enabled by default in Nightly.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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