First Smartwatch of Xiaomi looks just like an Apple Watch

by Sarah Forst

Along with the Mi CC9 Pro, Xiaomi launched a new smartwatch at the November 5 event and confirmed it yesterday. A supply of the upcoming Xiaomi Smartwatch has been divulged by  Xiaomi’s CEO today. Apple Watch much more inspires it. We can not deny it.

Mi Smartwatch is Identical to Apple Watch

It is composed of two color bands. One is elegant black while the other is silver. It is much more similar to Apple watches and having a rectangular curved screen. The positioning of its circlet is almost the same as in Apple watches. Even its power button is also placed in a position like Apple wearable. It is somehow a reality that the Xiaomi smartwatch design lacks creativity. If Xiaomi is marketing its new watch just like that of Apple watch at low prices, then it will be disappointing for us.

Xiaomi explains two days before that they launched a new smartwatch that has never been taken off before. Today the company also exposed many further details, which shows that this smartwatch may have advanced features. Xiaomi smartwatch having the features of high-performance CPU along with independent GPS, NFS, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules. Inside its speakers are present. Along with it, the independent linear motor also present. Its battery is massive, as well. It comes with the support of eSIM.

So if we think that newly launched smartwatches lack the previous features, then it may come with some interesting ones. Just like a smartphone, the watch should be able to make phone calls and other functions with the help of eSIM support and speakers.

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