Five Things You Should Know About KrowD

Five Things You Should Know About KrowD

Once you are into professional life, it’s hard to get a balance between professional and personal life. As we all know Darden in one of the largest restaurant chains with approximately over 150000 employees. Managing this much workforce is hard. Keeping this view in mind Darden Restaurant Inc. has introduced an online employee portal. An employee can easily login to his/her account by logging to specific KrowD Darden restaurant login page. Once you are at KrowD’s login page, you will be asked for login in information.

Things You Should Know About KrowD

Every staff member or employee in the restaurant gets login credentials on its first day at the restaurant. Once you are logged in there are 6 key things that you can do at Darden KrowD portal:

1Darden Restaurant News & Updates:

This is one of the main features that keep you updated with the company’s latest news. With this feature, you can track the latest company updates, news and events held at Darden Restaurants Inc. Hence it keeps you updated with your company’s current affairs.

2Darden Careers Job Search:

Newly available vacancies are also posted on this portal. You can search for new internal job opportunities on KrwoD and apply with the same account.

3Access Krowd iShift:

Although this feature is for the employees working on an hourly basis but still every employee can use this feature. With this feature, an employee can manage its daily time, check their weekly schedule and also plan to swap or update their shift schedules.

4Instant Messaging Krowd Darden Employees:

Another exciting feature of KrowD is that an employee can send an instant message to another employee as well. With KrowD you can also raise or notify your HR with your concerns.

5Time off Requests:

With time off request feature, you further don’t need to get the application signed with multiple people for leaving. Time off Request allows you to plan and request leave or time off anytime through KrowD application.

6Earnings and Salary Information:

With KrowD login credential you can also check your salary statement, payment history, and wage information in no time.

Download KrowD for Android

Download KrowD

This employee portal is available for the employees of Darden Restaurant Inc. and all the restaurant owned by Darden Inc. Along with KrowD’s desktop application, Darden has also introduced mobile apps for both Android and iOS as well. But to log into KrowD mobile application, you need an activated KrowD account in advance through the desktop site at the restaurant. Once your registration from the restaurant is complete, you can log in from anywhere and access your account anytime.


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