How To Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

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Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

Are you or your friend utterly deaf to one another in Discord voice chats even when screaming at the top of your lungs? You sure are!!! That is what drove you to TechWafer, which resides the ultimate guide steps for tweaking your wrecked Discord voice chat. Tweak your way down the article until others are assured that you are not dumb!!!

What’s the real issue?

Being limited to a particular OS (Windows, MAC, Android) and being encountered even after few minutes of friendly voice chat, the real convict behind the error is tough to trace. It may be a faulty configuration of Discord or the OS, a temporary glitch, an outdated Discord application, or even the Discord servers may be down.

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Let’s Begin With Basic Troubleshooting

I am sure you have done basic troubleshooting; anyone sensible would have done it without questioning Google.

  1. Make sure that Headphone is not wrecked or incompatible with Discord (as this may happen in the case of Hyperx Cloud II)
  2. Restart your devices and unmute your mic to get rid of temporary glitches.
  3. Make sure Discord servers are not down.

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General System Tweaks

  1. Check OS (Android, MAC, Windows, Browser) compatibility with Discord via link

2. Ensure that OS is updated to the latest version

(Windows guide):

(Mac Guide):

(Android Guide)

3. Ensure the Discord itself is fully updated.

4. For headsets, make it certain that input jacks are connected appropriately

5. Assure app permissions for Discord

A. Fix for Windows

  1. Go to Windows settings -> PrivacyHow To Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

2. Under app permissions, ensure Allow app to access Microphone is enabled.

Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

B. Fix for MAC

  1. Go for System Preferences -> Privacy and Security -> Privacy
  2. Select Microphone from list and make sure Discord is enabled.

Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

C. Fix for Browsers

D. Fix for Mobile

(Android Steps):

6. Scan Device for potential Threats and viruses

7. Re-install Discord via

8. Download the Beta version of Discord

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  1. Restarting with new Login

Helps quite a lot if your Voice was working good with same internet connection and microphone.

  • In user settings, tap Logout at the bottom of the list.
  • Restart Discord and log in again with credentials.

2. Reset Discord Voice settings.

  • Jump into User settings -> Voice and video.
  • Scroll to the bottom to get the red buttons saying Reset Voice settings.

How To Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

3. Check chat mutes.

  • Ensure that you have not muted yourself or another by viewing if headset/Mic icon has a slash on it.

How To Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

  • One may have been Server muted by Admin or Server Owner. In that case, reach out to Owner for removing it.

How To Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working


  1. Swap Input Modes
  • Go for Settings -> Voice and Video
  • Under Input Mode, try both Modes one after another.

2. Pick up right Input and output devices

  • Hover to Settings -> Voice and Video
  • Pick up the right devices from which you speak and hear.
  • Also, check sliders for Volume control

3. Test Mic in Voice and Video settings

4. Disable “Ensure Quality of Service High Packet Priority”

from the Quality-of-service section within Voice and video settings

5. Swap between Audio subsystems (Legacy or Standard) within the voice and Video tab

6. Checking out Input sensitivity

  • Hover to the Input sensitivity section
  • Enable Automatically determine input sensitivity

Fix Discord Voice Chat Not Working

FOR Desktop (Advanced Steps)

  1. Make sure all sound(audio) drivers are also updated.

2.Run as Administrator.

3. Quit Discord via Task Manager or taskbar tray icon.

4. Open again as Admin.

FOR MOBILE (Advanced Steps)

  1. Turn off, Battery Saver.
  2. Switch between Wi-Fi and Data and figure out the difference.
  3. Check the Volume settings of the device.
  4. Try switching between Low Latency Hardware Acceleration modes to check out the difference.

Still the Misfortunate one!!! Discord Mic not working

Last but not least, reach out to Discord at with full description of your problem, OS version, All voice and video settings and a copy of debug log.

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