How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Problem? 3 Ways Explained

by Wajeeha Qureshi
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YouTube, being one of the finest and ever successful video-sharing platforms, has surpassed the adversaries. With over 500 video hours being added every minute, YouTube has got into the spotlight of the modern web and achieved the second largest search engine and third most visited website. Not too often but still there are few problems that are faced by users like YouTube Keeps Pausing, In this video, we will learn to fix it.

How to Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing

Scratching your head over the problematic video playback of YouTube with YouTube keeps pausing itself, then you have knocked at the right hatch. Below are some problems that may be halting you from a pleasant experience, listed along with the solutions.

A: Browser Problems

Try Clearing Cache, Cookies, and temporary files

Often underestimated, a cache is the data that stores user activity on applications like YouTube, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc., and might occupy some precious space on your computer.

A regular clean-up clears the pile of cache, ensuring a smoother experience.

You can try apps like:

  1. CCleaner for PC
  2. CleanMaster for Android

Extensions and Add-ons

streaming file managers and video codec extensions, running on the top of the browser, might be the one causing the interference.

Disabling all such extensions might prove your point.

Outdated applications

This refers to the use of outdated browsers and plugins.

  1. Update your browser to the newest version.
  2. Update your YouTube app.
  3. Update adobe flash player version of the browser as YouTube uses it for playing a video.

These updates ensure maximum compatibility with YouTube and its underlying technologies.

B: Network Problems

1. Buffering

if you have got eyes on the white ball of misfortune, there is no doubt that your video is buffering. It takes place when the user starts the video before it has finished loading.

The easiest way is to pause and wait for the video to load. You can check the loading progress by the grey area growing into the black area, which is unloaded.

2. Low quota internet connection

The easiest way to check out if your download speeds are comparable to those mentioned by your internet service provider is to go through a speed test (like

  1. Opt for a high quota connection and invest more money.
  2. Opt for a better Internet service provider.
  3. High Enough Video Quality

going for 4k resolution with a speed of 1 Mbps is a mistake. For that, one must have a minimum of 4 Mbps.

So, choose the quality of the video according to your download speed.

3. Bandwidth all used up

More bandwidth means more data can move in and out without bottlenecking. Streaming from other sources, playing games online, and downloading large files eat all the bandwidth, leaving nothing for YouTube.

  1. Disable auto-update in the settings panel of google play store.
  2. End all bandwidth-consuming processes running in the background.
  3. Close extra apps.

4. Upgrading by IS

There are chances your ISP might be upgrading something in the system that might be causing the mishap.

Wait, relax for some time and try again; otherwise, contact your ISP.

 C: YouTube Flaws

The bugs and technical faults that counter YouTube might be causing the glitch. Contact the YouTube help center online for a query about any current problems under correction.

 3rd party software interference

It might be security software, a backup tool, or a torrenting program triggering the issue. You need to DEL any such background process in the task manager.


Enable YouTube or the browser through your firewall.

4: For Android Users

1. AutoPause

While you are working with a face sensor or something like that, autopause is a feature that pauses the video when you leave the area’s loading progressive. Any error in this feature might be a threshold.

Disable autopause feature.

2. Try changing Headphone

Some android devices are featured to pause every audio and video as headphones are removed from the jack. Some problems may cause plugging and unplugging of headphones leading to constant pausing and the beginning of YouTube videos.

Hopefully, the aforementioned procedure will help you fix the issue of YouTube pausing on your PC.

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