Converge Router LOS Blinking Red – What is It and How to Fix It?

by Shumail Ali
Fix Converge Router LOS Blinking Red

We’ve all been there – engrossed in our favorite series on Hulu or Apple TV, only to have the internet connection suddenly drop. Whether it’s a minor annoyance or a major disruption, a blinking red light on your Converge LOS (Loss of Signal) router can leave you scratching your head.  Let’s find the story behind blinking los light on Converge router to provide simple solutions.

So, what exactly is a Converge LOS blinking red light? Think of it as your internet connection’s distress signal. When that little red light starts blinking, it means there’s an issue with the LOS link between your Converge router and the local base station. Just like how a blocked artery can cause a heart attack, a disruption in the LOS link can lead to a complete breakdown in your internet connection.

How to Fix Converge LOS Blinking Red?

How to fix Converge LOS Blinking Red

Now, let’s address the most burning question – how to fix it? We’ll dive into some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to diagnose and resolve the issue. But first!

What is the difference between a blinking red LOS light and a solid red LOS light?

A blinking red LOS light indicates an issue with the LOS link between the Converge modem and the base station. On the other hand, a solid red LOS light typically signifies a complete loss of LOS connection, possibly due to a more severe problem such as a fiber cut or complete disruption in the network.

1. Verify Power and Fiber Cable:

In our game of catch analogy, even if you’re in the right position, you still need a functioning arm to throw the ball. Similarly, your Converge equipment needs a stable power supply and proper cabling to operate effectively. Make sure that the power source is connected and providing power to your equipment.

Converge LOS Red Check Connection

Additionally, check all the cables connected to your Converge equipment to ensure they are securely plugged in and not damaged. Sometimes a loose cable can cause signal disruptions, so ensure everything is properly connected.

2. Restart and Reset:

Here comes the classic troubleshooting step – restart your Converge equipment. Just like how a computer or smartphone can benefit from a fresh start, your Converge equipment might just need a reboot to get back on track. Turn off the power Turn off the power of Converge router, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. The power button is at the back of router.

Converge LOS Blinking Red Restart to Fix

If a simple restart doesn’t resolve the blinking red light issue, you can try a factory reset. Remember, though, that a factory reset will erase any custom settings you’ve applied, so it’s a last resort option.

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3. Contact Customer Support:

If all else fails and the blinking red light persists, it’s time to reach out to Converge customer support. They have experts who can provide personalized assistance get in touch with them here. They might also be able to assess the situation remotely and determine if a technician visit is necessary.

Remember, troubleshooting the Converge LOS blinking red light can be a bit tricky and may require some persistence. But by following these steps and seeking help when needed, you’ll have a better chance of resolving the issue and restoring your internet connection.

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What are the possible causes of a blinking red LOS light on a Converge modem?

There can be several potential causes for a blinking red LOS light on a Converge modem. It could indicate misalignment or obstruction in the line of sight, power or cabling issues, firmware glitches, or even a more complex problem with the base station or network infrastructure.

What are the steps involved in fixing a blinking red LOS light on a Converge modem?

The steps to fix a blinking red LOS light on a Converge modem include aligning the LOS link, removing obstructions, checking power and cables, restarting or resetting the modem, and contacting customer support for advanced troubleshooting and possible technician assistance.

What are the contact details for Converge customer support?

To contact Converge customer support, you can reach out to their hotline 0800 699 9199. at or visit their official website for additional contact options.

What are the symptoms of a fiber cut?

Internet connectivity can be severely disrupted by a fiber cut. Some symptoms of a fiber cut include a complete loss of Internet connectivity, a drastic decrease in Internet speed, an unstable connection that frequently drops, or even a complete outage in the affected area.

If you suspect a fiber cut, it’s important to contact Converge support and let them know what’s happening so they can investigate and fix the problem quickly.

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