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Fixing Guide: Discord Stuck on Awaiting Endpoint | 4 Methods

Stuck into Discord connection error? No worries, I’ve come up with some quick hacks that’ll help in awaiting endpoint discord fixing.

Discord is a 250 million user app that promises infinite and exclusive features for all the gamers -novices and experts alike. It offers its users to communicate via chat, voice, and video. But sometimes you might run into a problem, that is, Discord stuck on awaiting endpoint error.

What is Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error?

It’s a network-related problem that Discord users sometimes face where they can’t get connected to the server. The error is self-solving but if it lingers for quite a time you should try the solutions below, to get things going smoothly once again.

The problem occurs occasionally, and the possible reason may be your slow internet connection, any network-related issue, or the server outage on Discord’s side. Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that its solution is pretty much straightforward. Let’s get straight to it.

How to Fix Awaiting Endpoint Issue?

Here are 4 quick solutions to the problem. Check which one works for you.

1. Check your internet connection

First check, if your internet connection is fine or not? Try opening any website other than Discord. If it runs well, it means your internet connection is stable. And if it’s not the case, then try restarting your router.

2. Changing the server region

Discord servers are geographically distributed, and you get service from the one nearest to you which reduces the lag during your voice calls. If you are facing the awaiting endpoint issue, the reason might be a server outage.

The server might be down for maintenance, or there might be a temporary problem. However, the server can be changed, and access to this function is available to the server’s admin alone.

If you are an admin, well and good. If not, then you can ask the admin to make the changes for you. Follow these steps to change the voice server:

  1. Launch Discord.

2. Open the server that is not getting connected.

3. Go to Server Settings.

4. Open the Overview tab on the left panel.

Discord stuck on awaiting endpoint

5. Choose any server and hit the Change button.

6. If you still don’t get connected, try other servers until you get connected. There are many to choose from.

3. Reinstall Discord App

Sometimes, reinstalling the app helps if you are stuck on Discord awaiting endpoint error.

  1. Search for Task Manager in the search bar and type “Discord.”

2. If you find any Discord process in the Task Manager, select it, and click End Task.

3. Hit the start button and open Settings>Apps.

4. Look for Discord in the list and click Uninstall. After confirmation, Discord gets uninstalled. However, a few files are still retained, and we need to remove them too.

5. Hit the Start button, type “run,” and open the Run app.

6. Type %appdata% and click Enter.

7. You will see the Discord folder in the window that pops up. Delete it.

8. Now type %localappdata% in the Run app and click Enter.

9. Locate the Discord folder and delete it too.

10. Restart your PC.

11. Open the Discord website and download the installation package.

12. Double-click on the DiscordSetup file, and install it.

4. Use a VPN

Your PC’s IP setting might be causing the problem. So, all you have to do is install a free or paid VPN (Virtual Private Network).

And the issue resolves. Simple. Effective. Perfect!

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So that’s all about awaiting endpoint on discord and its fix; Hopefully this guide is helpful in solving your errors.



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