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by Adeel Younas
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A lot of people are searching for creativity in the process of creating videos that he shares with friends on social networks. Also, there are many small and large business owners who need to prepare some of their advertising or marketing videos in a professional manner without having to pay money.

For those who want to create videos for social media and marketing needs, they need a good application that is easy to use and with excellent features.

Today, we will provide our visitors with a wonderful service that helps them to create and edit advertising and marketing videos with all professionalism, in simple steps without the need to be an expert in the video editing field.

For that, we present FlexClip, which allows video editing with various effects, transitions, and drag-and-drop tools.

FlexClip stands out for being an easy to use video editor. Ideal for any users, including YouTube video creators, bloggers, marketers, and business owners. It has plenty of creative ways to express itself, with filters, geometric elements, transitions, and titles that can be easily customized.

FlexClip features

The interface and development environment is very simple to use, accessible to users of any level to edit videos.

It has from the most basic to the most advanced functions, and for all of them, advanced knowledge is not required.

FlexClip supports some popular video formats and allows you to add music, text, and other graphic elements to the video.

Currently, there are many editors that are very expensive, but FlexClip is a more affordable solution, as it aims to help anyone who wants to make videos. FlexClip offers a free version as well as two paid packages from $4.99 to $7.99 per month.

With FlexClip, it is possible to define the colors, brightness, saturation, and contrast of any part of the video. Each color and filter can be applied to all images and videos with one click. Thus, for each slide, the video editor executes the defined settings, to keep the video always with equal tones.

FlexClip Review

You will find over one million pieces of stock media choices in FlexClip library, including high-resolution photos, video clips, and music tracks.

It’s time to start making videos from FlexClip.

First, go to the homepage of FlexClip via https://www.flexclip.com/ and click on the Get Start Free button to open the editor. It is worth mentioning that you are not required to register for an account before using FlexClip with the latest version of it.

Once you have entered the app, click the Create New button. Here you can start from a ready-made template or create a project totally from scratch. FlexClip offers dozens of beautiful and customizable templates. You will find social media videos, business videos, education videos, promo videos, wedding videos, and more.

Then you can add media to your video project. To upload your photos and videos from the computer, you just click on the Add Local Media button and then choose the items to open. Additionally, if you are lack of ready-to-use materials, you can choose from the FlexClip library by click on the Add Stock Media.

After adding the necessary materials to the Storyboard, you can add text to each slide and edit the color, font, size, and style to your liking. FlexClip has many preset text animations that are perfectly combined with different colors and fonts. You can directly add and adjust them to your videos with minor effort.

To improve the video, you can also add several transitions and filters to make the video more creative and unique. In the transition tab, there are several that can be added between different slides such as zooming, fading, Cross Dissolve, and more. To add filters to your videos, click the Filter tab on the top editing bar and then choose from various filters.

FlexClip Review

You can also add background music to your videos. Just choose the Music section on the left and then select one music track, either from FlexClip library or from your local computer.

Finally, click on the Export Video button on the top banner to download your video as an MP4 file.

TechWafer Verdict

FlexClip is very easy to use with a modern and intuitive interface. It has various resources and drag-and-drop features for users of all levels of knowledge.

Finally, the use of FlexClip is recommended for users who are new to video editing, as it features complete features to create attractive and well-crafted content.

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