Fortnite by Epic Games will now be available on IOS Safari and Android through GeForce NOW via a Closed beta

by Ijlala Maqbool
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GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service brought forth by NVIDIA that lets you stream 1000 various games on your phone when linked with Steam or Epic Games Store. 

Beginning next week, Epic Games will launch a closed beta version of Fortnite for a limited time. The users can play Fortnite via the IOS Safari browser or on the GeForce Now app on Android devices. 

For now, registration for the limited-time closed beta is open for all the members of GeForce NOW, which will help NVIDIA test its server capabilities, graphics performance, touch controls performance, and other possible issues. AS REPORTED BY THE NVIDIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE, GeForce NOW members will be given access to the beta in batches over the coming weeks. 

GeForce NOW is trying to introduce and improve touch controls performance on their cloud gaming platform for the phones. As before, all the PC games available on the GeForce NOW app were best played using a gamepad with the phone. 

Users with a free Geforce NOW subscription can also register for the limited time closed-beta, but they would only get a 1-hour maximum playtime session and could also have to wait sometime in the queue during peak times. 

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