Fortnite Installer to rebranded as Epic Games app

by Adeel Younas

In order to play the Fortnite game on our Android phone, we have to install the Fortnite Installer app. It is launch on the mobile platform of the game. But conversion to this it is needed to be download via outside the Google play store. The Fortnite Installer is going to change its name into the Epic Games app which is announced don the Twitter Publisher of Fortnite the Epic game today. It seems to be a big thing to do with this.

Android Epic Games Store coming soon for all Fortnite and EPIC Games fans

In the game store space, the  Epic Games Store is a new competitor by which a platform is given to Epic to move people away from depending on Steam for video game buyers. Epic store game is now present in the Android phones which are announced by the Epic in the earlier year. That is the reason Frontier is changing its name into Epic. It is an indication that the Android version of the Epic Games Store is forthcoming. It is notable that between game developers and the store the Epic Games Store offers a more attractive financial breach. Up to 88% of game credit on the Epic Games Store. It is much more than usual 70% of developers make on Force. Epic has hope that this will draw developers to its platform.

In the largest online store for video games in the world, Steam is still going to be strong.

When you see the Epic Games app is now the Epic Games Store on Android then you must not have to be surprised.

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