Free Fire’s OB34 Craftland Stuns Gamers Like Never Before!

by Sarah Forst
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Free Fire has brought us many new incremental changes in its new update OB34, but probably the most exciting one is the introduction of Craftland mode. This has brought a sandbox element to the game and if used to its full potential, can make for some real training. You can find this game mode next to the training tab in Free Fire OB34. Inside Craftland mode, you can make your own custom maps and play on them with your friends. It’s a custom game that takes to its logical conclusion. 

Free Fire OB34 update: What’s new, expected features

As a player, you can make your map any way you want with the materials given in the game. There is no real limit to what extent you can take the Craft land mode except for real estate. This mode is exclusive to Free Fire OB34, and players playing on the older version won’t be able to participate in it. Another thing to note is that to play Craftland mode, you will need the Creation Workshop card. With the Creation Workshop card, you will be able to create your custom maps, but you will still need a custom room card to play with your friends. There are levels to this game mode and many possibilities as well. 

On the user’s review, Free Fire has updated some exciting changes in the game with the Craftland mode, which will stun the gamers like never before. Now gamers can get their exclusive customized maps and in-house more fun in the Craftland mode. Free Fire has taken the gaming experience to another level with this new update. Also, Free Fire promises to deliver the best gaming experience for its users and develop exciting updates that make the Free Fire talk of the town among the gamers. 

As a player, you can improve on many skills with the tools available in Free Fire OB34, but Craftland mode is different. Here you can improve upon specific skills like how to take down a squad holed up in a particular type of building. This can be a hyper-realistic scenario recreated in a controlled environment. You can improve your game by doing these types of training drills. Another thing you can practice is how to use your character skills as a squad. If you are serious about your rank, you can use this game mode to practice multiple things. Something you can try is squad formations by character skills. 

Update your Free Fire App now to get these exciting updates today and learn some new exciting things for your own. What are you waiting for then?

Updates of Craftland:

 Zombies in Craftland has some updates for you:

The Zombie Generator:

  • The number of zombies generated each time
  • The total of waves that can be generated
  • The time interval between each wave of zombie generation

 Path generator:

You can now customize the movement behavior of zombies

 Towers & Bases have been updated

 Towers and bases are destructible objects:

  • That has the function of self-seeking enemy attacks.
  • Customizable parameters for towers have been introduced.  

There’s an all New Map in Craftland:

  • The map will be smaller than the island map
  • Maps can be switched before applying any objects on the map

This time the All Edit Function of Craftland will be available in Free Fire in OB34, and not just Free Fire Max like in previous updates, meaning everyone will be able to experience & enjoy Craftland mode.

New Characters, Pets & Weapons:

OB34 is bringing us a new character (Homer), a new Weapon (M24), new pets and ultimately more choices for gamers. 

Don’t forget to update your Free Fire version to OB34 on 25/5, where many exciting updates await you!

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