Friends can steal the Instagram Stories posts they’re tagged in

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
Published: Last Updated on

Recently, Facebook-owned Instagram has allowed it used to post multiple photos and videos to their stories but they have been missing some great stuff.

From now, whenever someone tags you in their story, you will have access to add that content to your own.

Which indeed a great way to exult about what your friends think about you or you can also bang them if they have been talking nonsense about.

The content will turn as a sticker which you can modify by rotating or by marking up before adding it to your story.

However, you can also be able to utilize snippets from public accounts, but if your friends are private then you cannot be able to forward their message to all your followers.

Moreover, the original content owner will be labeled as well, so it is reasonably not good to pass along content from your bashful friends.

Obviously, if you mention the original content owner then they can re-add that content to their stories as well.

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