Galaxy Racer Announces Supreme Galactic League, a New Esports Tournament in Pakistan

by Adeel Younas
Galaxy Racer Announces Supreme Galactic League, a New Esports Tournament in Pakistan Image Name

Galaxy Racer is happy to present the Supreme Galactic League, Pakistan’s first professional esports league. The Supreme Galactic League will be one of Pakistan’s most exciting esports tournaments, as eight professional esports teams from throughout the country will fight on a national stage for the first time.

The event’s qualifiers begin in August, with the LAN tournament in October. The Supreme Galactic League will pit the finest of the best against each other to decide the ultimate champions of their respective games. The rounds will also be held in a closed arena to protect player safety and will be live-streamed for fans. More details on the teams and owners, prize pool allocation, live streaming platforms, and schedule will be disclosed soon.

Galaxy Racer announces Pakistan esport tournament: Supreme Galactic League!

The Supreme Galactic League would further integrate Pakistan’s esports ecosystem with a world-class league structure. A virtual President Dr. Arif Alvi attended the debut of Gamers Galaxy, the biggest esports championship in Pakistan history, in January 2022. In addition to boosting Pakistan’s gaming environment, the event also cultivated esports talents by providing a platform and opportunity for them to compete in esports. This coincides with Galaxy Racer Pakistan’s objective of creating new jobs and making Pakistan a global esports destination.

At Dubai Expo 2020, Galaxy Racer signed an MoU with Pakistan’s Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA). As the digital generation’s sport, esports and gaming are a promising new industry for Pakistan, where young people make up 65% of the population.

Fakhr-e-Alam, CEO of Galaxy Racer Pakistan, said: “We are thrilled to announce the Supreme Galactic League. With more talent emerging and the esports ecosystem growing exponentially in Pakistan, Galaxy Racer aims to set a benchmark in the industry and show its commitment to provide a global platform for our players with the launch of this historic league.”

Walid Singer, Chief of Staff of Galaxy Racer, said: “We have seen tremendous support from the local esports community that has helped us evolve into a firmly established esports organization in a short span of time. The Supreme Galactic League is a testimony of our long-term vision of contributing towards the growth of esports in the country by attracting Pakistan’s top esports teams to battle it out with a best-in-class league structure.”

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