Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have New DPSS Drilled M9 OLED Displays

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The days are passing and we are getting closer to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung is rumored to introduce major changes in their Galaxy S10 lineup in next year. Next year Samsung is expected to introduce an entry-level smartphone with display and camera upgrades. Now, we have two separate reports from Korean Media which provide crucial details for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup displays.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup will have Two DPSS Drilled Hole for Camera and Infrared Sensor

Galaxy S10 is Rumored to have Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser Drilled Holes for Front Camera and Infrared Sensor. Samsung is very comfortable with display panels. The current edge displays present on Galaxy S and Note gadgets are first of their kind. Now, we have to see whether Samsung will repeat history with next year’s Galaxy S10 lineup.

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Two reports are received today, related to details of Galaxy S10’s Display Panel. Samsung introduced three new “notched” screen at its developer conference earlier this month. One of them is an infinity-O display as the name suggests it features a circular cutout for the front camera rather than a notch.

Galaxy S10 Will Feature New DPSS Drilled M9 OLED Displays

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The second report reveals that this Panel will have two holes and the second hole will be used for Galaxy S10’s infrared sensor and first will be for front cam. Both of these holes will be drilled using Diode Pumped Solid State Laser drill. Samsung is going to use SFA, Phil Optics and Wonik IPS laser equipment to do the drilling. The company is not comfortable with DPSS and may adopt some different approach.

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In a separate report, it’s suggested that Samsung’s OLED panels for the Galaxy S10 will mark a generational upgrade over their predecessors. Samsung will use what is being termed as ‘M9’ OLED panels for the S10 lineup. The S9 and S9+, on the other hand, use M8 panels. The M9 OLED displays will utilize red, green and blue host colors from Dow, Nippon + Samsung and SFC respectively.

samsung s10 display

Duksan Neolux, Merck and Idemitsu Kosan will provide Red, Green and Blue prime layers for the new panels. The report also confirms that Samsung is relying on foreign manufacturers for Galaxy S10’s displays. However, it is yet classified whether these are any Chinese companies or other.

Samsung is looking to make big difference in their Galaxy S series smartphones. These Displays will be a part of their strategy. Do share your thoughts on Samsung’s planning for Galaxy S10 lineup in comments below.

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