Galaxy S9 owners are complaining about a “black crush”

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The time has changed after the first launch of Galaxy S9 Plus, the first issue was touchscreen issue, and now there is another issue. Users have been reporting “black crush” display can’t show the difference between dark colors in Samsung Galaxy S9 as seen in multiple forums post.

Galaxy S9 Plus Users Complaining About Black Crush Screen Issue

The main problem is the screen has issues displaying different shades of the dark colors rather than revealing details, will show blocks of black or pixelated images.

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It should be noted that not all the Galaxy S9 Plus devices have this issue, nor reports are from the standard S9. The primary cause of the problem is still unknown.

The problem could be remedied with a software fix; please note that this is the second-time users reported black crush on a high-end device when Google Pixel 2 got its software update users reported the same issue.

Samsung hasn’t yet released a fix for the reported issue, but S9 Plus users were able to minimize the impact of the issue by using an app- Screen Balance.

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It is believed to be the decent solution until Samsung provides one of its own. This issue is not reported in any Standard S9, the display of Standard Galaxy S9 is considered to be one of the best on any device, got highest ever A+ and AMOLED Panel got the title of “Most innovative and high-performance smartphone display ever tested. ”

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