How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

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How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft

Minecraft is an old but gold sandbox video game that is still played by many gamers today. In this article I will provide some tips and tricks on how to remove water in Minecraft, from basic bucket methods to more advanced techniques like creating drainage systems and using lava evaporation.

Are you designing a new thing in Minecraft but have encountered the problem of not able to get rid of water in-game. So don’t worry about the water problem in Minecraft. I will show you three ways in which you can solve this problem.

Basic Methods for Removing Water

1. Must-Do: Block off all the Water Sources

Before following the bucket and sand method shown below, this step is a must to do. Otherwise, what will happen is that you will remove the water, and later, it will again start collecting. So you must block the water sources to prevent further flooding.

2. Use a bucket It Requires More Effort and Time

Just grab a bucket in-game and start right-clicking on the water; you will see the water will start reducing. Using buckets to manually scoop up the water is the most straightforward method of removing unwanted water. While this method can be effective for smaller puddles, building walls or barriers around the area is a better option for larger bodies of water. This will contain the water and prevent it from spreading further.

To get rid of water with an empty bucket, players must find the source of water and right-click on it while holding the bucket.

It will take much time if you are removing water from a large area.

Important Note:

While removing the water in a large area, you should find the sources of water and block them; otherwise, the water will again start collecting.

3. The Quickest Method is Using Sand:

The above method of using the bucket and also blocking the source would require much time and effort in finding the causes.

Instead, what you can do to get rid of water in Minecraft quickly is that start filling the sand in the water area like done above in the image.

It will save you time and get the job done.

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More Advanced Methods for Removing Water

1. Remove Water in MineCraft Using a Sponge

Using sponges is an excellent option for removing large amounts of water. Sponges are an item in Minecraft that can absorb water around them, making it disappear. Once you have the sponges, simply place them near the water you want to remove, and they will start absorbing it.

3. Creating Proper Water Drainage System

Creating a “drain” system using signs and flowing water mechanics is a more automated solution. To do this, first, create a path for the water to flow out of by digging or building channels leading away from your target area. Then, place signs along the channel walls every few blocks, and make sure they are facing away from the source of the water flow. Add flowing water into the channel at one end so that it pushes all other sources of standing water towards your drain system.

Niche Methods for Removing Water in Specific Situations

1. Using Lava to Evaporate Water

Using Lava to Evaporate Water

Using lava to evaporate large bodies of water quickly is an effective method. By placing lava near the surface of the water, it will quickly evaporate the surrounding area. Be cautious not to set anything on fire, and note that this method can take some time and may require multiple applications.

2. Building Water Elevator

remove water using water elevator

Building a “water elevator” is another useful method for getting rid of water while also making transportation easier. The basic idea is to create a column of flowing water with signs acting as barriers between each block, essentially creating an elevator.

That’s it, and by following the methods as mentioned earlier, you can quickly get rid of water in Minecraft. While enjoying multiplayer of Minecraft you can chat and use these text to speech messages on discord to annoy your friends.

If you have any suggestions or even want to share your thought, do share it in the comment section below.

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