Global 5G mobile phone sales Report: Apple is winner

by Farrukh Moin Alvi
Global 5G mobile phone sales Report: Apple is winner Image Name

Apple is still fierce, relying on an iPhone12 series to directly board the global 5G mobile phone sales champion, this has to be accepted. Recently, the well-known statistical agency Canalys announced the ranking of global 5G smartphone shipments. With a model, Apple has directly reached the top from 0% in the first quarter of 2020, which is quite powerful. The September iPhone 13 series is also coming, and I believe there will be a substantial increase.

Global 5G mobile phone sales Report: Apple is winner5g-mobiles

The second place is the OPPO of domestic manufacturers. Whether it is 5G mobile phone shipments or market share, OPPO firmly occupies the second position, especially for shipments. OPPO directly increased from 1.7 last year to 21.5. , The growth rate is quite fast. This is also thanks to OPPO’s products this year, such as OPPO’s Find X3 and Reno6 series, one focusing on all-round experience, one focusing on lightness and high performance, and the needs of the user group are fairly accurate.

Recently, it has also released a new generation of under-screen cameras, the latest fast charging technology, and the four major future imaging technologies. It is increasingly looking forward to the follow-up performance of OPPO.

Global 5G mobile phone sales Report: Apple is winnerstrategy-analytics

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