How to Send Large File through Google Mail? Know Gmail Attachment Limit!

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As we all know that email is the first option to send messages or files to anyone; you can send messages or data. You can post anything to your friend or business partner by attaching the files to your Gmail. You can send a hundred MB of pictures, 60 MB of presentations on 1GB of a quick video by attaching these files in your Gmail. Then your email is successfully delivered to the contact name and so on. It’s unfortunate to set that even at this stage of technological development, there are many email clients like Gmail, which still refused to accept attachments up to 25 MB because of the Gmail attachment limit. At this stage, you are confused about whether your email was opened or not after making such efforts in sending it.

What is the Gmail Attachment Limit? How to Send Large File Attachments

But now Google has announced it that it is doubling the attachment size for all Gmail users. Now, you can send the file through your Gmail with the Gmail attachment limit increased from 25 MB to 50 MB. It’s a very successful approach to Gmail and its rivals like Outlook and Yahoo, who have no such high attachment limit. So most people are moving towards Gmail for sending files up to 50 MB as we all know that Gmail is the most used email among all other emails. In Yahoo and Outlook, there is an email attachment limit of up to 20 MB and 25 MB, respectively.

Maximum File Size of Gmail:

When you send a file through Gmail, then there is a limit of attachment size. Now, you can send emails with attachments as big as 25 MB in size. The boundaries of the file size comprise the sum of the messages text and the encoded attachment. If you have a file size that is precisely 25 MB, then it will not go through, and if you want to send the message that is larger than 25 MB from Gmail, then it will give you an error. The file is exceeding the limit of the Gmail account back to the sender.

New Feature in Gmail:

Google is now introducing a new feature in which when you integrate the cloud storage service, Google Drive, with Gmail. Then Google will allow you to attach files as large as 10 GB. Attachment of files up to 10 GB is almost 400 times larger than the traditional accessories. Then there will be a new option in which you will insert a Google Drive file in your Gmail unique compose experience; then, a drive icon will appear at the bottom of the window. You have to save your specific file in Google Drive. If you have a Google drive application, then it will give you 5gb free space. You have to keep your data in Google Drive folder, and when you are sending an email to someone, then you can share the driver files you want to attach with the recipient you are emailing. So, it becomes easier for you when you are sending emails to someone by connecting the data on the google drive to your attachment to the email.

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When you are sending files of larger size through Google Drive cloud storage space, then, first of all, you should upload the data you are going to attach to the Gmail email. In Google drive, first of all, press “my drive button” to open. Then a menu button is shown where you would upload files from there and then select the data you need to attach to the Gmail. In this way, your file saved in your Google Drive cloud storage.

First of all, you will log in to Gmail and open the Gmail message text editor. Then, as usual, you will enter the intended recipient’s email address. When you press the button of “insert files,” using the drive button beside the standard file attachment option. Then, in that option, when you are sending an attachment, which is exceeding 25 MB where you can select the drive link option.

Keep this thing in mind very clear that the Google drive files will not be shared with the recipient because they will show to all of the recipients of your email. If you select three permissions options for anyone with the link set that can edit, it can view or can comment. So you should choose the appropriate permission settings and then click the “share” and “send” button.

How to send a large file attachment through Gmail

  • Without engagement data
  • With engagement data

As we all know that the infrastructure of email is not designed to send large files. Most of the email providers implement limits on the maximum size of a single attachment. If you want to send different photos of presentations or any other document that exceeds the Gmail attachment size, then there are two ways of doing that.

  1. Many people send files by breaking it into bits. However, this is the wrong way to ship a file attachment separately. Your client also becomes annoyed when you post a file individually in several emails.
  2. You can also upload your Gmail to cloud-based file-sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and many others where you can share and attach the download link on the body of the email.

How to Send Large Files through Gmail?

If you do not know how to attach larger files in Gmail, then you can share attachments on Google Drive. Below is the way how you can get started:

  1. First of all, using Google Drive, you should insert files.
  2. Then go to the upload button.
  3. In the designed area, drag the files and drop them.
  4. Then picks up all the files you want to share and insert.

Many of your clients become annoyed while sending huge attachments. Google Drive is an excellent option that allows you the additional benefit of posting the large files size of Gmail. However, this type of choice will not notify you if you open the attachment. When you open the attachment and how many times your client opened it.

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