GoDaddy’s Nightmare: Hackers Steal Source Code and 21 Million Customers at Risk

by Adeel Younas
GoDaddy's Nightmare: Hackers Steal Source Code and 21 Million Customers at Risk Image Name

It turns out that GoDaddy, the big web hosting player, has been hit by some seriously gnarly security breaches. Yeah, you heard me right, THREE of them. And that’s not even the worst part – hackers made off with the company’s source code, which is like the blueprint of their entire operation. So, buckle up and dive into what’s been going down.

A Sophisticated Hacker Gang is to Blame

First and foremost, let’s discuss who is to blame for this disaster. According to GoDaddy’s own statement, all three security breaches were the work of a sophisticated hacker gang. These aren’t amateurs; they know what they’re doing and have easily evaded the company’s security measures. I don’t know what will if that doesn’t give you the shivers.

The Breaches Took Place Over Multiple Years

Now, let’s talk about the timeline of these attacks. The first breach happened in March of 2020, and it involved the hackers getting their hands on some login credentials. They were able to access a limited number of employee accounts and hosting accounts belonging to about 28,000 customers. Not exactly a small feat, but thankfully they couldn’t get into the main accounts of GoDaddy’s customers.

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The most recent invasion occurred in December of 2022. This time, the hackers gained access to the cPanel hosting servers, a significant achievement. The attacks lasted several years and were all carried out by the same group. That’s dedication to their craft.

What Was Stolen and What Does It Mean?

So, what exactly did the hackers get away with? As previously stated, they obtained access to GoDaddy’s source code, essentially the code that runs the company’s entire operation. That’s like stealing the recipe for KFC’s secret blend of herbs and spices – it’s a big deal.

But that’s not all; the hackers also stole login credentials for both employees and customers. That means they could potentially access personal information and cause havoc. To top it all off, the hackers installed malware on the company’s systems, which could potentially redirect customers’ websites to malicious domains. If you’re a GoDaddy customer, that’s not what you want to hear.

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What Now?

So, what is the plan for the future? GoDaddy has stated that they are taking this seriously and working with law enforcement to get to the bottom. At the same time, individuals and businesses who use GoDaddy’s services must take precautions.

“We believe these incidents are part of a multi-year campaign by a sophisticated threat actor group that, among other things, installed malware on our systems and obtained pieces of code related to some services within GoDaddy.”

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That means changing your password as soon as possible, enabling two-factor authentication, and monitoring your accounts closely for suspicious activity. You should do the same if you don’t use GoDaddy but have a web hosting account. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Source: HackRead

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