Google Admits Its Defeat From Microsoft

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google Admits Its Defeat From Microsoft.

Github is a large code repository, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and many others use GitHub.

Previous rumors suggest Google was trying to acquire GitHub, alongside Microsoft’s bids.

GitHub founder Chris Wanstrath made his decision and chose Microsoft because of his relationship with Satya Nadella.

 Google Admits Its Defeat From Microsoft.

Now a Google executive Diane Greene has admitted the defeat and said: “I wouldn’t have minded buying them, but it’s Okay and I really hope Microsoft can keep them totally neutral. ”

According to the reports, When asked will Google Continue to use GitHub?, Google’s spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on ongoing acquisitions across the industry”, but Facebook will continue to use GitHub and will share projects and collaborate with the open source community says company executives.

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