Google Assistant app now available on iPhones in Europe

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google Assistant

If you have been looking for a chance to play with Google Assistant but you are not having an Android phone even Google Home or Allo messaging app.

Here you got good news, Today, Google proclaimed that it is going to unveil standalone Assistant app for iOS in the UK, Germany, and France, after its debut in the US back in May.

The latest app allows a user to interact with Google’s AI using your voice, which indicates that you can ask it to give the answer to your questions or you can communicate with your smart home devices.


Assistant is also capable of communicating with smart lightening and thermostats, including handling calls, sending messages, setting reminders and calendar events, playing music and directing your home.

According to Google, this app only works on devices operating iOS 9.1 and above, which may cover the majority of iPhone and iPad users.

According to Google, Assistant uses Google’s search smart, so it is easy for you to search anything. As Amazon and Apple have been improving their offers at a steady rate.


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