Google Assistant now has the power to send and request money


Google has been making it very easy to pay Kate and Bob for a barbecue of last weekend by attaching its mobile payment platform to its voice assistant.

Now, you can be able to ask Assistant to pay your contacts or it will ask them to send money to you by saying “Hey Google, request $10 from Adeel for pizza three weeks ago” or “Hey Google, send Zeeshan $15 for the movies tonight.”

Apparently, this feature is now available on various platforms including Android and iOS but it is not introduced globally, it is only available in the US.

Google Assistant Pay

In GIF, you can see that users will have to verify each transaction, which eans that you cannot send and receive money accidentally for sure.

Well if you did not register your Google Pay on Google Assistant then the registration setup will start once you request or send money to your contact.

If your contact does not have Google Pay then they will receive a notification explaining that they need to have a Google Pay account for cashing out the money they received from you. In the coming months, this feature will be on Assistant powered smart devices and in all other countries as well.